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Refer a Friend
Terms and Conditions

If you are referring a friend to participate in the Refer a Friend program:

  • You must be an existing Virgin Mobile member in good standing that receives a monthly bill.
  • To participate, your friend must purchase and successfully activate a new postpaid account (with a new Virgin Mobile phone) from a Virgin Mobile Store within thirty days of receiving the referral code. Account renewals and upgrades and activations done through retail or with our Care team do not qualify as a new activation under this program and will not entitle you or your friend to a gift card.
  • You are entitled to a gift card for each new eligible activation up to a maximum of five activations (for a total of five gift cards). Only the first five of your friends who use the referral code to successfully activate will be eligible to receive a gift card. A referred friend must pay his or her first account bill on TIME and in full in order for each of you to receive a gift card for that particular activation. Gift cards will be mailed 8-12 weeks from each new successful Member activation.
  • Terms and conditions relating to the redemption and use of gift cards provided by participating merchants may apply. Gift cards are not transferable, replaceable or redeemable for cash.
  • Virgin Mobile has the right to refuse gift cards to people acting in any manner which causes, or contributes to, a disruption in, or abuse of, the intended operation of this program.
  • Offer ends on January 7, 2014.


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